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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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avoiding it is distressing because home ownership is what you need to be financially successful. think you for being with us. neil: is the two-party over? you better hope not because regardless of your views if this party has had its day in the sun and the sun is setting, think about this. tape party candidates generally are not very well not only in north carolina where the republican speaker one hand and lead to prevent to other tv party candidates from doing much damage and losing by a country mile in kentucky, a georgia, mississippi.
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but then finding out of the budget situation could be improving. maybe the budget may be the deficit is not an issue. and maybe it is proved. bit too quick caveat is. april is tax receipts month and the fact of the matter is at the very least looking at half a trillion dollar that is piled onto the debt. now to the former senate majority leader. and the demise of the tea party as well as the issue to galvanize. >> but i think the premature death of the tea party is wrong. like most organizatorganizat ions they're going through
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changes with they are a very important part. whether they all about? about growth and opportunity and deficit spending. but then to take on conservative incumbents that they might describe as the establishment. neil: but they are not pulling well. but somebody must be listening but they are not happy. >> but some of these congressional races, but let's just take north carolina. the republican nominee had a good solid conservative,
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leader, a great candidate we will get behind him he will be the next editor for north carolina. neil: one strategist said but they said the republicans are back to vanilla. [laughter] >> i don't think he is vanilla but teapartier shares spend more time on the liberal spending democrats than try to lew defeat republicans and conservatives. and then the of republican party intend then to make us a difference in to the next year. neil: but given end us lately improving budget
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numbers but it is what it is. then to define them to make john boehner as speaker is not there? >> it is about growth and jobs and what about the energy policy? and the deficit and the debt is still there. so the additional revenues coming in as a result of the tax increases. with cap gains and dividends also the top rate from 35 people to be taxed between 45 and 50% with state income taxes. that is why this has been a big jump. and coming out of obamacare. neil: it is always a pleasure. former republican leader of the united states.
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trent lott. can now to our all stars it is in a cold peace -- amicable peace. >> i agree with the former speaker. it is losing influence in this cycle is cyclical. i would also make the argument the things are getting better and the economy is improving and people are sick of the fiscal austerity so maybe this is not the time for the teapartier but they are now losing too much influence. neil: but i worry about that is this the call of the storm that it is a matter of time and we are just whistling past the graveyard >> 53 percent of americans
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are less enthusiastic about the upcoming midterm so people are not paying attention to that committee pretty with a surplus so perhaps they just turn back because they are comfortable neil: and those hate the other guy's more? >> the teapartier is decentralized for a reason. but they also keep some republicans in jack -- check neil: but i see the mainstream republicans getting very cocky. they use this as fuel for their argument. say what you will of the teapartier is the fiscal message was watched though
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based on all sides. but now i wonder if that urge to address spending subsides? >> i do agree the republicans needed the teapartier and they do a line if we do need to be more fiscally concerned. but you are right. but to say we are sick of the austerity but the way i can prove it is better but we still have this whole mess. >> but if there is an itch for though when i dunno if they should still be all from these mid term relations. neil: we will have more but all i know when i was in college who the heck they selected.
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neil: i don't know how i feel about this because i am not a fan of the imf but christine was dumped from speaking at a college. so i am thinking but it's it is the trend it is happening to condoleezza rise at rutgers and always been very critical of the of muslim movement and brandeis, and michelle obama, what is going on? and what kind of power do we see that a few kids get angry? so now back to the of all stars it is just a matter of time before you have to pass up popularity contest but i know of that is the good thing?
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>> it is terrible. first of all, we're talking smith college i hear messages as and liberal arts but this is also a college that had a glorious site em and so we talk about powerful women doesn't matter on which side of the i/o and christie's was the first female head of the imf neil: what was the argument against her? she was too liberal? imitated not agree with the imf policies. but that is not fair to her. neil: but with condoleezza kids get up the dust with the war in i understand that >> i agree. she is the first female president of the imf you don't think she has something interesting tuesday? -- tuesday? nothing to take away from that? you would not want to hear
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her speak? neil: no. that does not mean i would not allow her not to come. but people on both sides yvette michelle obama and you can take away something from all of these women it is a shame. >> to letters speak but don't listen. neil: exactly. >> here is the reality. neil: she is supposed to speak this weekend. [laughter] >> some of the most solid title issues have started on college campus sees one dash campuses and look back at the epicenter but --. neil: food interviewed does speaker your college?
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>> we had tom friedman. we are all excited but people who were not excited was still respectful that he was there and most people paid attention. i am surprised you are not a little bit more encouraging. >> it does not matter. >> when a message seems to be speakers are more controversial for a variety of reasons i would think of the silent majority. but if a few hundred act up why should that penalize the entire school? say what you want to of christine regard but now? >> probably someone not as fisted -- prestigious as herb you get that
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controversial speech got in there not that she is controversial but by the way i have no idea who spoke at my college graduation. no idea. >>. neil: i don't know who spoke at mine either. >> what do you do the night before college graduation? [laughter] neil: this is another trend that i can relate to. putting off marriage a lot summer even ruling it out altogether maybe because of there parents' experience or there being financially prudent to make sure they have everything they need the four day hooked up with someone they don't need.
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with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? neil: en these kids today. but here is what has got my go. lot of folks in that generation say no to meridor putting it off. we ask a lot of them. ♪ >> the preface of marriage to have kids. >> women are more independent and self-sufficient and they don't think they need of man
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to support them. >> having kids. >> in a world about instead gratification mary j. longtime commitment is to make people don't see that. neil: had no to feel happy or sad that the average age of men getting married is 29 and women 27 is used to me 23 or 24 a few years ago. what is driving this? but it has gone from cornerstone to a capstone? >> these days people are not motivated to get married why spend $30,000 on a wedding you made a remember or inshore a -- in july when it could be a down payment on a house.
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is practical but there is no stigma to live together or have children so what is the benefit to get married? it doesn't mean anything it does not guarantee that that marriage will work or benefits or privileges it that you would have if you were not married like my children say women went to college to get their mrs degree but now they have careers they don't need of man to support them. they can do that on their own. if the marriage does not work out i see this every day what people go through the mud the emotional pain and custody battles, hiring lawyers to end the relationship. neil: and gay marriages rushing to the altar. >> three get audit just
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means more business for them when those don't work out. >> i think more women believe this is obsolete. of paul between 80 and 29 rolls 44 percent say it is obsolete we are living together we're having kids and we can do all this without getting married. we have more than $1 trillion of college debt dry want to spend $30,000 on a wedding? it is scary. >> i feel so much better about myself. neil: that you are like james bond. [laughter] >> this speaks to women with economic status now they make more and our much more independence.
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neil: lauren? what do you think of his final appearance on the show? [laughter] >> who else will do things for you you need somebody to yell at. >> you can yell or dags the person that lives with you. >> but they can leave anytime. >> it is signed sealed or deliver it is too expensive to leaf. behalf that dating sites it is so easy. neil: i understand everybody is coming from and talk about the world war ii generation but now i think it could go the other way. you are out of there. but i am not sure that piece of paper is are you sure you
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really want to do this? >> you definitely think twice knowing the expense and the consequence. it is some incentive but when a marriage is over it is over. i see that in my practice. >> i prefer that they live together but if it is not going to work out i would rather that with to a marriage and divorce. neil: male and female? >> both my son and daughter. >> my parents feel that way also i think it is a new trend and more socially acceptable. >> and why not? neil: coming up. remember this? >> i am having chest pains. >> i am calling paramedics. >> i have fallen and i cannot get up.
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>> it has allowed you to see if something has fallen. and then you teach it over time.
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>> sometimes i just fall asleep. to they could have this kind of team over there so you could put a bunch of them together. >> yes, you could put them together for about $1500. neil: hypothetically i'm saying that. so when you make of this? the real fact is that it has cut down among the elderly and there is that. >> i think it's worth it. when you are really in a situation as i have been, my grandmother is 91 years old and i had heard her screaming in her bedroom and she fell. and she couldn't get up. and then she was out for a wild
6:31 pm
because of all of her injuries. if i wasn't there, no one would have known for days. she was not near a phone. monitoring makes sense. a lot of older people don't want to go to nursing homes because they are expensing. >> it's keeping mum, dad, grandma and great but okay. >> we have to consider who we are spying on here. and i grew up having my grandmother lived with us. and i can't believe how many times my mom would come home from work and senior snoozing and go running in the house because she thought she had passed away. she was just leaving. but i think technology -- neil: i wonder what she would say about your muse. >> technology is so great. >> there's an algorithm to track your grandparents. my grandmother gets around like crazy. it's an algorithm and they build
6:32 pm
it. but what is interesting is health care. if this system can partner with health care systems and there's someone there to help, we are there from a business angle. neil: what i worry about is that we allow this into our homes, these systems, and then we have these movements. >> i think the data is already out there that tracks these folks. if the issue is privacy, there's a reason not to do this technology. and i think for one gbs is not so bad. and sometimes of the cell phone
6:33 pm
signal, it can tell you more than what people think. neil: coming up next, remember the godzilla brand? you should see this and his pori legalo on m representatives you know what else i can do on my phone? place trades, get free real time quotes and teleport myself to aruba. i wish.
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is all ready the brand ofstate the year.d berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. neil: for the first time in more than a decade, the godzilla brand is alive and well. and if you are representing godzilla, you want to protect that brand and make sure that those aren't stealing it. and i know what chuck shepherd is talking about.
6:37 pm
and we have godzilla's lead lawyer. and you see them with all sorts of things. neil: certainly were going to call those like godzilla knocked not going to fly in have you tracked that down. and you have likenesses of characters common they get the
6:38 pm
care and her glance from you. right? >> some of them do. it was a great piece with charles barkley and godzilla playing basketball together one-on-one. the frequently people use my character without permission. and we laughed about it a lot of times and found out about it in all sorts of different ways. neil: in this movie, at least some of the promos for it, you never saw godzilla. but by and large, it's a mysterious figure. there are people that cheapen that image?
6:39 pm
>> there are two issues, sometimes you can tarnish the image by using it in a way that the client would not be associated with. and when that happens we jump in. and this is literally and figuratively larger than life. neil: but honestly you want to be the one that loose the godzilla image. are there any working at mcdonald's products off of it? obviously there are a lot of marketing opportunities with this release, right? >> yes, that is correct.
6:40 pm
and there's a big merchandising campaign that is going on right now. and if you see the commercial and there are a couple of cars that he steps into his mouth.
6:41 pm
>> legendary it's coming out with this opening on friday and it is huge. in japan there were 20 different godzilla movies and people don't realize that. and there have been 20 different films in japan and two big budget movies from 15 or 16 years ago and this one, the character really does look like godzilla. so i think that they will be very excited to see this film. neil: it was born of a nuclear weapon. is that right? >> yes, and. neil: it seems like there's something else going on. >> yes, there are a couple of
6:42 pm
cities that get destroyed in this one. some cities are usually don't get destroyed. neil: thank you so much. i very much appreciated. >> i bet you don't have any cash on you. a lot of you have no cash. that is not just you, that is a trend. i will tell you why coming up after this.
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neil: it surprises me that a lot fewer people are carrying cash. more than half of americans are lucky if they're carrying $20 in their pocket and there are credit cards and other cards. i don't know whether you agree, but some people don't carry much cash. >> i always try to have some cash on me. you can get by for weeks on mr. credit card. in fact sometimes you are buying something and it's really small and you go to pay with cash and cashier looks at you like i have to give you change? just use your credit card, this is annoying. >> the hotdog stand around the corner does not take american express. >> then sometimes there are surcharges in this. and they will pay this fee.
6:47 pm
>> even when i'm going to buy coffee at dunkin' donuts, i use my other mccarter cracker. some people can't think that i would pay for coffee with my debit card, but i do. neil: if you're going to think about it, there will be a record of keeping track of finance is. >> and that is bad. if you hold onto cash from your actually losing money. interest, inflation, and sometimes it's up and spending power today. so it's actually good. it's actually do not have too much cash lying around. >> you have people around you. neil: there must be something going on. because it is across all age
6:48 pm
groups and am wondering whether it's just a convenient. taking credit down to the smallest purchase and you had largely sway or $50 to use the card. so maybe that has made it almost too easy to spend and we're becoming a nation of spenders. >> have you ever tried to just use cash for a week? that was the cash you're going to use that we? i've tried and it never works. >> i was aware of how much i was spending. >> pickpocketing, that's one of the reasons and the other reason is that allows you to track your spending. >> you forgetting about the value of marriage.
6:49 pm
neil: meanwhile, the fannie mae and freddie mac. situation. what's going on? >> they are trying to combine that knowledge into one security >> religious try to make it easier? >> making easier for us to get this supposedly the way it was. and i don't think the current system is wanting to security. i don't think that's the answer. i want them out of there. >> i understand what you're saying, but homeownership is at a low and enough we can make it easier for qualified people.
6:50 pm
>> one thing that history teaches us is that we don't, that's what i'm worried about. all of a sudden we will get back into the same thing. >> 43% of people, that's $208,000 on average. neil: this is a housing market that is not only to first-time homebuyers. >> and we could easily relive this. the people that are buying homes for cash our investors and are not americans. and now the scams are definitely on the rise. neil: even godzilla is a part of
6:51 pm
this announcement. neil: coming up next, focusing on healthier things. eating and driving. do you think it's crazy?ounts? we are onto something it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. if ...hey breathing's hard... know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment
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a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up.
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everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. >> what is the deal? neil: what about when we can't account for the 120 plus billion dollars we've forked over each year, specialties and sir taxes on hub of more syntaxes. where does that money go? i'm happy to fix our roads and bridges, but i'll be darned if these greedy politicians never use that money for things like potholes. i've been hearing that we have infrastructure problems for decades. why don't they list all the
6:55 pm
bridges that need repaired and we actually know what to fix and allocate with oversight. that is the key, making sure the money goes to those bridges. and you'll find many ended up as a general fund. sad but true. and a stimulus look in 2009, we should not be able to. we keep paying for burbage bridges that literally go nowhere. and another says i can't believe you are so cynical as to think that the government would say one thing induced organelles. and then there is this from sean. you have a giant head and a
6:56 pm
pencil neck. kind of like a happy apple. and actually i don't like tweets about my appearance. read and learn. all those others. and i think you're a great guy, i hardly don't take much of this seriously. keep up the good job. and i'm at the point in my life where i don't take much of anything seriously. say learning out of all-you-can-eat rib night. and abby says, focus on healthier things like jogging. wide? by what i do that? and then we have this. it's time for you to own food. what are you, doctor phil? irony do come i own lots food,
6:57 pm
for what it's worth. and carolyn says what i like about you is that you are real. my husband and i bumped into new york city. he said something about who should throw something at bill o'reilly. we really got a kick out of that and also you. and carol, did you do something and throw something at him? i'm just curious. and caboodle, are you sure? deceivers us with bell, who is clearly very tall. so other than that he makes michael louisburg look like a giant. and do the other's mind when you make fun of them? well, they have no idea since many are writing books. speaking of which end in misery can't believe this little factoid. he wrote two "new york times" bestsellers? no offense. they seem like such an idiot. what were they, coloring books?
6:58 pm
[laughter] and hector says, i hear you are taking a lot of serious steps. xanax domain things. >> does that explain things? and another guy says he like chocolate or vanilla ice cream.. i like other flavors. and would you embarrass yourself the way you do on tv each night? and are you telling me the other anchors here are paying? jane wisconsin says what is the deal, two words is all it takes.
6:59 pm
thank you. and thank you. but here is my favorite e-mail of the night. the night in and the week in a month and maybe the year. i've been hooked on your show many years ago since the first watch and i converted to the entire fox family. and fox was the only one covering things truthfully. you've always been like a big brother in that family. well, thank you, and thank you for your service. and u2, young lady. on the person that should be thanking the both of you because you make it possible so that some guys like me can read prompter. >> and absolutely gross.
7:00 pm
it's just amazing. so if we let viewers speak their mind, we built it and you keep coming. keep writing and e-mailing. see you tomorrow. lou: did evening, everyone. the va hospital scandal is widening, spreading to five states with a growing chorus of calls for the resignation of eric shinseki. two workers were suspended in durham, north carolina for what administrators call an appropriate scheduling practices. two dozen texas lawmakers are calling for an investigation into three va hospital's in their home states. congressman lamar smith leading the group


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